Insurance Companies

There are many reasons for you as an insurance company to strengthen the cooperation with the credit insurance sector and to actively participate as a member in KGFF. Credit insurance is still a relatively underdeveloped part of the insurance sector in Sweden, and the market penetration is one of the lowest in Europe. Therefore there are large possibilities to new business with both new and existing customers.


The Swedish Credit Insurance and Surety Association (KGFF) includes EKN, private credit insurance companies, brokers, banks and other relevant persons/companies in an association whose purpose is to spread knowledge and information about the value of credit insurance for Swedish trade and export.

Credit insurance, insures payment defaults and reduces the risk in factoring and other types of business financing, the receivables that act as security may be insured against possible credit losses. Companies’ receivables often represent more than 1/3 of the total asset base. Credit insurance could improve security of financing contracts.

KGFF hopes that you as an insurance company becomes a member of the organization and helps us to together develop the Swedish credit insurance sector.

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