There are many reasons for you as a company to become a member of KGFF. Credit insurance helps companies to protect revenues, supports the expansion towards new markets and unknown customers, as well it may enable you to offer longer credit periods. Credit insurance may also helps your company in negotiating conditions with your bank.


The Swedish Credit Insurance and Surety Association (KGFF) includes EKN, private credit insurance companies, brokers, banks and other relevant persons/companies in an association whose purpose is to spread knowledge and information about the value of credit insurance for Swedish trade and export.

Credit insurance, insures payment defaults and reduces the risk in factoring and other types of business financing, the receivables that act as security may be insured against possible credit losses. Companies’ receivables often represent more than 1/3 of the total asset base. Credit insurance could improve security of financing contracts.

The members of KGFF protect business to a value above SEK 1000 billion for Swedish companies.

Improve your liquidity through increased security in receivables

Different types of credit insurance can be a useful tool to protect your receivables. It can cover your whole turnover as well as individual risks. It can cover short-term credits between 1-360 days, as well as projects that last more than five years.

On a practical note there are connections between finance and credit insurance:

  • Credit insurance of receivables increases security for financing, which may support an increase in available finance or decrease cost of finance.
  • Credit insurance supporting financing can help companies to improve ratios such as equity ratio and return on capital employed.
  • For you as CFO, Treasurer, Credit Officer, Sales manager or CEO membership of KGFF means an increased influence with relevant bodies to develop new initiatives towards minimizing risks and maximizing your prospects for the future.
  • KGFF hopes that you as a part of a company/entrepreneur becomes a part of our organization and helps us to develop the Swedish credit insurance sector to strengthen your businesses.

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