Other organisations



ICISA, or The International Credit Insurance & Surety Association, is the international forum for the global credit insurance industry. ICISA works as a forum for exchange of ideas and information to further develop the services that the members perform towards the world of business. The organization has members in practically every country in the world.



Receivables Insurance Association of Canada (RIAC)

Receivables Insurance Association of Canada

SICA’s Canadian sister-organization is similar in structure and purpose to our Swedish organization. Between us there is a steady flow and exchange of ideas and information, since both trading markets are very similar in structure.



The Swedish Credit Association

Svenska kreditföreningen

The Swedish Credit Association is a nonprofit organization that looks after the business interest within credit management, finance and economic questions as well as claims and collections handling. The Credit Association has a broader orientation than KGFF and its purpose is to spread knowledge within the areas named above and prepare occasions for the exchange of experience and information, which can help the members’ professional businesses.





Berneunion is an association of public and private credit insurance companies, and was founded in Bern 1934. Today, the organization has 79 members and insures trade for more than 1.8 trillion USD. The organization’s purpose is to support the international trade through creating international acceptance and sound principles for giving credits and investments. Furthermore, the purpose is also to create a forum in which members can exchange ideas and best practice.



The Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority


Finansinspektionen (FI) is an authority which monitors companies in the Swedish finance market, which also includes the credit insurance industry.



The Swedish Bankers’ Association

Svenska Bankföreningen

The Swedish Bankers’ Association is a trade organization for banks in Sweden and their subsidiaries as well as for foreign banks operating in Sweden. The association work towards a sound development of Swedish banking.



The Swedish insurance Broker association

Svenska Försäkringsförmedlares Förening

Sfm (The Swedish insurance broker association) is an organization for insurance brokers who professionally represent their customers.





Swerma is the association for people working in business, public sector and society to operate and develop risk management (Risk Management).