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UC, bankruptcy statistics

Current Swedish statistics on bankruptcy, month by month, industry by industry, county by county.


Business Sweden

Business Sweden present current statistics and analysis concerning Swedish export and export markets.


The National Institute of Economic Research

The National Institute of Economic Research, NIER performs analyses and forecasts of the Swedish and international economy and conducts related research. NIER forecasts are used as a basis for economic policy in Sweden. NIER also analyze economic developments in Sweden and internationally, and perform research in economics.


Relevant discussion groups on Linkedin

  • Trade Credit & Political Risk Insurance Professionals
  • Global trade and credit insurance group
  • ICISA (International Credit Insurance & Surety Association)
  • Intelligent Insurer Forum


International Commercial Terms

A collection of predefined commercial trade rules regulated by ICC (International Chamber of Commerce). These are frequently found in international trade and provide for, responsibility, costs and risks in connection with delivery and payments of goods.