About us

KGFF is a joint organisation for insurers, insurance brokers and other parties with interest in credit insurance and surety bonds, hereinafter referred as guarantees, in Sweden. The Association’s main purpose is to spread knowledge about the importance of credit insurance and guarantees. This should be accomplished by education, PR, and other activities to the Swedish industry and banks.

The Association will fulfil its purpose by:

  • Work towards increasing knowledge regarding the importance of credit insurance and guarantees for society and individuals. In relation to the government, the parliament, authorities, organizations and the public we act as a reference body presenting the combined opinions of the members.
  • Executing investigations, bring propositions to the table and debate questions of importance to credit insurance and guarantees applicable to the Swedish industry and the economy in general.
  • Work in the interest of a sound development of the credit insurance and guarantees sector and to spread knowledge and education regarding credit insurance and guarantees.
  • KGFF shall not in any respect carry on the opinions or interests of any individual member and shall never engage in any activity contrary to free competition.

The Swedish Credit Insurance and Surety Association (KGFF) includes EKN, private credit insurance companies, brokers, banks and other persons/companies of value in an association whose purpose is to spread knowledge and information about the value of trade credit insurance and guarantees for Swedish domestic and export trade. Trade credit insurance offers protection for the insured company if the buyer (insured’s client/customer) fails to pay. Apart from protecting the insured’s revenue, credit insurance makes expansion into new markets and unknown buyers possible, as well as making it possible to offer longer credit periods. Credit insurance can also support bank finance which may improve terms under finance agreements negotiated by insured companies with their banks.

A surety/bond is, in its legal form, a security and is more or less identical with guarantees issued by banks. By using an insurance company to issue the guarantee the client does not have to provide collateral.

Today the members of KGFF protect around 500 billion SEK in Swedish trade.

On this website you will find information on the significant importance of credit insurance and guarantees in Swedish trade; information about the members of the association; news, current happenings as well as useful links.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, or if you wish to receive information on membership and its benefits for you.